is this possible?
An_241258 posted:
I'm wondering if its possible to feel symptoms a few days after conception? We've just started trying for a baby, and I think its all in my head but then i do get twinges in my pelvic area, and also have a full bloated feeling and feeling extremely tired.
I have irregular periods, that are normally more than 30 days apart so since my last period was not even 2 weeks ago, i dont think i'd be getting a period just yet.

Again, it may be in my head but wondering whether its possible to 'feel' pregnanc/conception y so early??
fcl responded:
It takes 6-10 days for a fertilized egg to implant so you won't feel any symptoms before that. For most women, symptoms don't start before you're about 7 weeks along.
An_241258 replied to fcl's response:
I find that really interesting as when I do a google search some sites about conception/pregnancy say exactly this, where other women have sworn to feel symptoms prior to 6-10 days. I guess no one can be exactly sure theyre pregnant until they get a positive test!
tlkittycat1968 replied to An_241258's response:
I think those women who say they felt symptoms that early are looking at it with hindsight. Some women, when they find out they're pregnant, will look back and think "Yeah, I did feel something a week ago."