what is wrong with me? help please
kissame07 posted:
have a problem... i have been on my period now for 18 days now. it was light at first but now its getting heavier as time goes on. last month it was normal 5 days and light. but the 3 months before that i got it twice a month 3-4 days apart but they were 6-7 days long but they were a light to normal flow. i was on the depo provera shot for almost 2 years but i ha ve been off it for almost a lil over a year now. ive gotten blood tests done by my physician and they were normal but i havent gotten a pelvic exam done due to financial situation. but besides the constant annoying bleeding i have been feeling really tired, and very irritable , i have been getting headaches and i have been noticing bruising randomly and i dont know where they came from. if anyone can help with answers or suggestions i would be greatful!!!
georgiagail responded:
You need some testing, both to determine why all this abnormal vaginal bleeding and to be treated for what is likely some pretty severe anemia (i.e., the fatigue, irritability, headaches and bruising) from all of this blood loss.