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Jane Did you get my last post NEWS FROM Urogyncologyst
smjpain posted:
Hi Jane so I met with the ARNP UROGYN on wed she did a very extensive exam and found that my bladder is actually falling down and that I am not emptying fully. So I will need surgery to fix because a Pessery wouldn't be wise for me since I get yeast infections alot have one right now. So the bad thing is I can't see the Urogyncologyst Doctor until April 30th which is alongtime. I have to keep a voiding diary and was told if my bladder starts pertruding out I am to call right away. Scary the ARNP also confirmed that I endeed have lichens sclorisis and Simplex and also vulvestibulititis my labia minora is not even there anymore and my vaginal opening is tearing which probably was why I am having so much pain when I try to have sex I am going to tell my regular GYN about this and have him look at it because it really is hurting and bleeds alot I see him on monday. Then Iowa City again on wed. for Counseling, labs for immunologyst and finally after three weeks I get to see my Awesome PT wonder women. I also started today a new longer acting pain medicine it is a patch called Butrans 5 which my Pain Managment Doctor started me on yesturday so far it is working and it's nice because I don't have to take anything oral way so it won't hurt my stomach even more. She is monitering me weekly for awhile she hopes that she doesn't have to keep me on for alongtime she was thinking once surgery is scheduled she will probably have to some how take me off of it because of the meds they will have to give me during and after surgery. The yeast infection is really bad it itches so bad I have already taken three doses of diflucan and it still isn't helping it burns I am glad I see my GYN on Monday the bad thing is my PT women might not be able to do anything vaginally which isn't good that area hurts so bad especially internally. So hopefully it is cleared up by wed.Thanks for your Reply!
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear smjpain: So the urinary symptoms are from a cystocele? Loss of bladder support can be a downside of hysterectomy. Yet it also sounds like the voiding diary will be used to help identify any other, coexisting, urinary issues. Hopefully the bladder surgery can be done soon.

Yes, one of the problems with lichen sclerosus (LS) can be thining of the labia. Sometimes even the clitoris can be covered over as the labia fuse together. In your case the condition is being treated so that this is less likely to occur. Your pelvic floor PT can help you monitor for any further changes due to the LS. You also mentioned lichen simplex chronicus? Is this contributing to your terrible itching/burning symptoms on the vulva? With symptoms like these it can be confused with a vulvar yeast infection.

We are all glad that you are getting better pain management with the new patch. Keep us appraised of what becomes of your labs and work up.


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