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Is it menopause?
An_250201 posted:
I am 56..I have felt like for the past 10 years I have been trying to go through menopause. I get an ultra sound reg. once a year because of fibroids & polyp. I have had heavy period for 5 years now. Usually just 2 bad days of clots and bleeding but the period last for 5 days. I was a late bloomer and had to go on the Birth control pill since I was 17 to get my period. I had two children one at 24 the other 32. I still went back on the pill until 42yrs.old. I use to feel like I needed the pill but then at 42 it made me feel sick. So I went off and then at 42 my periods were like clock work. Here I am at 56 and still get my period ! The past 6 mos. they became irreg. and I missed for 3 mos. I was very happy thinking menopause is finally here. I became a anemic before from getting my period every 23 days. Then it went 85 days..then 32 days.. This month I felt horrible, joint aches, very sore breast, depressed, tired, ourburst. when I got my period all the PMS systems still lingered until after my period this time including the sore breast and achey joints. Now I had my period 15 days ago and all of a sudden I am spotting again like my period might come. I am tired and depressed and worried & very stressed. I have a bad year my father had passed away and my mother has dementia which I ahve to care for her at a facility at times.. So Could all this irreg. period and now 15 days of bledding with cramps, sore breast be menopause syptems?..or is my polyp or fibroids doing this. I feel so hormonal thou..I have a appointment with my doctor athe end of the month & getting blood work..but the worrying is making me feel worse. I am hoping that this is another menopause syptom of spotting or getting my period really early in 15 dys from hormones being all over the place.

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