Long-Term Risks or Damage re: birth control misuse?
An_250216 posted:
I have been prescribed Levora to help with my heavy and painful periods. I have been using for past 3 months, however, I don't skip a week like I am supposed to, only because I truly despise having my period and this provides relief.

However, I recently had a breakthrough period that lasted for 10 days, in which 7 were extremely heavy and lots of painful clotting. Was this because of my "misuse" of the pill?

Also, are there long term risks that I may be subjecting my body to by continuously taking the active pill with no breaks?
georgiagail responded:
There is nothing unhealthy doing this. Many women use birth control pills that are specifically designed to produce menstrual periods only rarely during a year. However, breakthrough bleeding is a fairly common side effect that can accompany this.