15 day period
Anon_12651 posted:
I have had my period for 15 days now. Before that, I spotted for 20 days and my period was 12 days late.

Back story: I have heavy periods, so I was put on Lysteda. It works. I am also trying to have another baby, so I have been taking Clomid. In Dec, due to financial problems, I did not buy the Clomid. My period was late, but I was spotting. I called the Dr, and was sent for a blood test. It came back negative. 6 days after the blood test, my period started, and I took the Lysteda as prescribed. I also took the Clomid on Cycle day 5 as was prescribed. The period continued. It was heavy. I guess what I am asking if missing the 1 month of Clomid could have caused the 15 day period (and counting).
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I doubt the missed Clomit is causing your long period but you need to see a doctor as bleeding for that long is not normal.