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Pelvic Pain
Patrice61 posted:
Can developing scar tissue after a hysterectomy cause pelvic pain?
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Patrice: Yes, adhesions (filmy bands of scar tissue) MIGHT be a cause of pelvic pain. If a woman has a laproscopy for pain and adhesions are seen, a GYN will attempt to remove them. One can also get adhesions from endometriosis ("endo"). If your hysterectomy was for endometriosis, tiny endo implants can make a comeback and create additional inflammation and adhesions.

Alas, there can be MANY causes of pelvic pain--even after a hysterectomy. If ovaries are in place (or a small ovarian remnant was left behind) there can be an ovarian cyst. The second most common cause of pelvic pain (once GYN issues have been ruled out) is a bowel condition (eg diverticulosis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.). Even problems with the bladder/urethra can produce pelvic area pain.

If you are having pelvic pain, PLEASE, please go see your GYN so they can evaluate for all the GYN causes. If need be they can refer you on to a GI specialist to widen the search for the culprit.

klb1961 responded:
I had a hysterectomy in 2004 and in Nov. of 2012 had a small intestinal obstruction (blockage) caused by scar tissue that wrapped around the intestine. Not fun... I wish I would have noticed symptoms. I didn't really feel anything until I woke up in the middle of the night in horrific pain.
Anon_6061 replied to klb1961's response:
I was thinking along the same lines as you klb, that it could be a partial obstruction or results of the bowel repositioning that happens after hysterectomy.

I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago (not a good experience) and there are days I have fairly severe pelvic pain and pressure because my bowels don't work properly. I usually have a sudden urge to go followed by diarrhea but every week or two, I wake up with pain and pressure.

It sounds like you had some symptoms prior to your obstruction. If you don't mind sharing, what were those symptoms? And did you end up having to have a bowel resection? I hope you're doing ok now.

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