JANE I am Allergic to Boric Acid meds
smjpain posted:
Hi Jane well on saturday I started the Boric Acid suppostories after arguing with my GYN's nurse for almost an hour on friday, I gave in even though I knew I would have an allergic reaction and yes I did one hour after inserting the Boric Acid I had to go to the ER it cause intense buring swelling and I was told I had stop and try to rinse out right away so I did and today I am still very sore and red and swelling I had to put hydro cortisone ointment on. The ER doc said I needed probably the Amphorticin B IV which my GYN really doesn't want to do he wanted me to try this first well now I have to call him on monday and see what he is going to do because now I think it has spread to my mouth because I have white stuff all over my tongue and I am spotting vaginally. I hope he does the right thing what would you do.