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undiagnosed lower right abdominal pain....please help.
fairyfay posted:
Hi all I'm really looking for ideas if anyone has a similar story to mine and whether you have any suggestions to deal with Chronic pain and how to deal with the minefield pushing for a diagnoses.

Ive had chronic lower right abdominal pain for just over 5 years now. I have a prolactinoma and pcos. The pain came on suddenly all those years ago and I saw an out of houes doc who thought it was an ovary prob but said I'd be more comfortable on pain relief at home overnightvand that my GP would admit me to hospital next day for investigation. On seeing my own GP he thought it was IBS and did not refer me but referred me to a gastroenterologist instead. They did ultrasounds, x rays, sigmoidascope, barium enema and small bowel MRI. Other than some inflammation during the sigmoidascope and constipation on x rays they found nothing.

After this I was sent a couple of years ago to a gynae dr who said she didnt think she'd find anything but agreed to do s laparoscopy. She found some endometrioses a small amount and treated it. Although my pain was a little easier it did not go completely.

The pain started getting worse and also slightly higher. One dr thought it was gall bladder so I was referred to a surgeon who thought it was insignificant but agreed to remove it and on doing so discovered it had stopped functioning altogether. The op was more difficult than expected and I'm left with post op cholecystectomy syndrome.

Last week I was admitted to hospital I couldn't bear how bad the pain had got. They thought it was either appendicitis or ovary problem but was discharged as they felt I could be dealt with as an outpatient. A new iltrasound has shown no problems with ovary or appendix but the pain is excruciating! I feel sick on eating, struggle to open my bowel even when taking lactulose or movicol and feel something is causing a blockage. I am being referred back to gynae but worry if it might not be gynae and still s bowel problem.

I already have a prolactinoma, pcos, hypermobility, elements of fibromyalgia, endometrioses previously treated and gall bladder removed. Not even tramadol is helping the pain now and I am getting very low and feel exhausted as the pain seriously affects me gettingany sleep.

Any ideas? How should I deal with the pain and how can I keep pushing for a diagnoses? I have very little quality of life like this.

Baylorette responded:
I am hoping you are better by now, but joined web md just to reply to this. My daughter had a similar history including pcos with serious bowel pain. We found results with dr wexner at the Cleveland clinic in weston, florida. He is the best and worth the travel, tests and time to have answers.
Anon_6061 replied to Baylorette's response:
Baylorette - Would you mind elaborating on your daughter's experience - symptoms, tests, diagnosis, treatment? I had a hysterectomy and have had bowel problems ever since. I alternate between very loose BM's and slight constipation and the pain can be intense sometimes. I had severe diarrhea for many months post-op but that finally improved. Because of the repositioning of the bowels after hysterectomy as well as risk of adhesions, I wonder if there's a partial obstruction. I also had some fat malabsorption so my GI doctor was focused on my pancreas but couldn't find anything wrong there.

Thanks for your input.

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