Im havin pregnancy symptoms but heavy bleeding
confused73 posted:
So i'm constantly hungry, but nauseous. Always tired. I've been eatin alot, but losin weight. I'm gettin dizzy and light headed and headaches. I keep havin sharp stomach pains. I'm early for my period, about a week, and the first day it was heavy for an hr then went to basically nothin. Then last night i started bleedin extremely heavy and clottin alot includin when I was sleepin. Then when I woke up it continued for an hr and slowed down again. Whats wrong with me?
confused73 responded:
One more thing, i'm 27yrs old and have never been pregnant before and my boyfriend and I always use the pull out method
georgiagail responded:
Have you considered having this looked into medically? One might suspect the possibility of a miscarriage or a more serious GI issue with anemia.