please please please answer! :(
celinemargo posted:
so i missed my period from last month and until now i haven't got it. the last time was on the last week of december. the thing is i've been single for a year now and the last intercourse i had was back in 2011. but ever since that happened, i always got my period regularly and since then i NEVER had sex with anyone till now. i went to my doctor the other day and told him that he asked me to do some bloodwork and i work in a lab , i'm a technician so i am aware of which test he asked me to do. he would like to check my cbc my b12 , iron and my tsh and t3&t4. im still waiting for the results to come. im just being anxious on what will be the reason is. im checking for all the pregnancy symptoms are but i am sure that i haven't have those except my missed period.

BTW im working 2jobs right now which basically i work literally 7 days a week. and due to some changes of my working schedule im thinking if this could be the reason.

AM I JUST STRESS? or what?

tlkittycat1968 responded:
Stress can definitely cause a change in your period.