An_250443 posted:
Hi. I'm just looking for some reassurance and possible answers.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few months now. My last period was Jan.12th, 2013, I'm on a 32 day cycle. My last ovulation occured on Jan.27th. On Feb.4th, I began spotting. Started in the afternoon. Only when I used the bathroom and saw the spotting on the tissue after wiping. This same spotting continued for 8 days. Which brings us to Feb.12th & 13th. I had no spotting. I was due for my period to start on Feb.14th. I usually wake up with it the day its due. So, now a day later 2/15, still nothing. I had a blood hCG test done yesterday, results were negative. Urine hCG this morning negative.
What is the possiblity that I am pregnant, but the hCG levels are not high enough yet?
If not pregnant, than what is the cause of this? (Aside from stress, because although I ask questions, I am intrigued to learn anything new - and the getting pregnant process is very intriguing to me).

Some symptoms:
little cm.
mild cramping-abdomenal (more from the center of my lower abdomen, not right or left as per the usual)
mild headaches
major fatigue
mood swings

Important Note: About a month ago, I had lower abdomenal discomfort, and have an abdomenal/pelvic exam. Found a less than 1cm cyst on my right ovary.

Thank You so much for any and all input.

An_250277 responded:
I'm no expert in this field but your bleeding and late period could possibly be due to pregnancy.
Sometimes you can experience implantation bleeding which is lighter than a normal period.

If it was implantation bleeding, you can get a positive test from around 4 or 5 days after the bleeding stops but of course it does depend on the HCG levels. Some women won't get a positive for a few weeks.

I'd be interested to see what the experts answer with. My only suggestion would be to try a test in a week or so, if still no period wait a week and try again and go from there