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Abnormal period symptoms(from the pill?)
lola823 posted:
So I recently started taking the pill (Reclipsen) and i was a few days shy of my period when I went to see the doctor for the prescription so she advised me to wait for my period so it wouldn't be irregular. I took her advice and when my period came, it was far from normal. The first few days were light and I thought I was "spotting" which worried me about being pregnant. Then towards the end my period was heavier than usual and a darkish red/brown. I have never experienced this before and it has me a little worried. On top of everything else, I am experiencing menstrual cramps and sensitive breasts post-period when usually those happen prior. Should I be worried? Or could these be symptoms from the pill?
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear lola: I am assuming that you started your birth control pill (BCP) on the first day of your flow--hope this is a correct assumption. Certainly if you have any concerns about a possible pregnancy get a reliable pregnancy test done. The BCP will not interfere with accurate test results.

If the test is negative (which I would hope and expect it to be) then the following is my best GUESS about your symptoms. You are absolutely correct in assuming that the tender breasts are a temporary side effect of starting BCPs. The extra estrogen in BCPs can induce breast tenderness and sometimes a mild enlargement. The initial spotting followed by a heavier, brownish flow could also be a temporary effect as the lining of your uterus is "getting used to" the hormones in the BCPs. Some women may even have breakthrough bleeding or spotting in the initial few packs of BCPs. The cramps can be linked to continued spotting or flow.

Do get the pregnancy test first. If negative you can choose to watch and self monitor to see if these symptoms resolve. Should the symptoms persist or worsen return to your GYN or clinic. A change in brand or formulation will usually improve symptoms.


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