uterine biopsy without my knowledge
joon1 posted:
I had an appt. with my md for a normal pap smear yesterday. It was very painful. She used some sort of straw type thing and it felt as though something was being ripped from my uterus. I tried not to cry out in pain but did. Next she inserted something else and said, this one won't hurt. Again, it burned intensely. Then she made me sit in a separate room for a short time. She never told me what had been done. I was cramping all the way home and all night. I thought I was just being a wimp. I had never felt any pain during a regular pap smear before. When I got home I used the bathroom and saw a small amount of blood in my panties. This morning when I woke up I was still cramping so I went to the internet to find out what she may have done by typing in the procedure. As it turns out, she had done a uterine biopsy without telling me before or after. Is this the normal way of doing this? I'm 62 years old and still feeling a little discomfort. All she said was that I now need to do a blood test for D 1 vitamin 25-Dihydroxy before getting shots twice a year for severe osteoporosis. It seems like she should have told me of the procedure either before or at the least afterwards.
georgiagail responded:
Why don't you call the physicians office and ask what was done yesterday.