Ablation 6 months ago....now hysterectomy
dawnables1977 posted:
I had an ablation done 6+ months ago and it hasnt helped, in fact my bleeding has gotten much worse 14-21 days and extremely heavy, clotting,and painful.
In 2 weeks i am having a partial hysterectomy and im now getting scared. I logged on here to get more information about surgery/recovery and after reading posts im a little more nervous.
Recovery time...how long before your at least 50% back to yourself? Ive had 3 c-sections and gallbladder surgery, how does this surgery compare to those?
Thank you
Anon_6061 responded:
Sorry the ablation didn't work! I assume you've already tried the many medications (non-hormonal and hormonal) that are shown to reduce heavy bleeding and pain and are supposed to be the first-line treatment for this? Here's a table of all those meds and their % effectiveness - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0015970/table/ch8.t1/?report=objectonly.

I had a hysterectomy and wish I could go back. My body's changed drastically (inside and out) and the short and long-term side effects have been nothing short of devastating.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Don't let other posters scare you. My mom had a hysterectomy and says it was the best thing she's ever done.