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Menorrhagia and Pelvic Exam tomorrow
jk5493 posted:
I know that I am being irrational about worrying... but, I have to go for a pelvic exam tomorrow because my period is SUPER heavy. I've been on OCPs since shortly after my period started (I started menstruating right when I turned 10 - that was just about 10 years ago)... so, only the first couple of years were birth control free. My periods were heavy then and similar to this - but, I never had a pelvic during that time. I have, I've just always been on birth control - the times that I wasn't, I just didn't get a period ever. But, I just stopped taking microgestin in December and my periods are like clockwork (at least, these last two times). That's good, however.. I'm going through pads and tampons like crazy. I have to double up and use a pad and tampon at the same time. I soak through 'em within an hour. So, the FNP in Student Health (I'm in college) wants to do a pelvic if it isn't better in the morning and I'm a bit nervous. I know it's just another part of my body. I've done internships upon internships in OB/GYN offices, pediatric offices, etc; however, it's my period and it's heavy. Gross.

Please just tell me it isn't going to royally gross this poor woman out!?!? I'm not even sure how this is going to work, though. I'm expelling a lot of HUGE clots; but, the blood is thin - thin like blood coming from a cut on the skin.. not like I recall periods being. Maybe it's just been a long time, though. Should I go in with a tampon in? Take a towel or something to sit on? Any movement makes the blood flow increase, so I can only imagine how messy a pelvic during menstruation is. Suggestions?

tlkittycat1968 responded:
I'm sure she's seen everything so I doubt it will gross her out. A pelvic exam can't be done with a tampon in so that's out.

You can take a towel if you like. Be sure to tell her when you arrive how heavy the bleeding actually is.
jk5493 responded:
Well.. the exam went fine. It wasn't too awfully gross.
I am worried now. She started the exam and then when "hm, let me have a q-tip" to the nurse. She asked if I felt pain while she moved it around and I said yes - I was starting to get a little panicked. She finished and had me sit up. She said that I have a hard lump on my cervix and she asked what I wanted to do. My mom had cervical cancer - I know I don't have that... it's just something I'm always concious about - so as soon as I reminded her of that, she was like "Well, that's worrying... so, let's do another exam and do a pap this time." So, went through the exam again. After, I had to go straight to class and I literally could not focus AT ALL.

What are the different possibilities of causes for this painful little lump? Could they just 'pop' it to see if it is a cyst of some sort? Or, remove it? I want it gone.
mountainmom48 replied to jk5493's response:
Hi Jade, I'm glad the exam went well enough for you although I imagine the stress of waiting for results is just awful. Try to not worry before it is time to worry. Knowing your mom has had gynecological cancer surely is ramping up your uneasiness, but as you said, this is likely not the same thing. Did the doctor say how long before you get results? Also, since your are in college, you probably have access to counseling services, right? You might consider talking through this with someone who can be an in-person support while you go through this. Take care!
jk5493 replied to mountainmom48's response:
Thanks for the kind words!
She said it'd be about a week - so, hopefully by next Thursday, I will know what's up.
I talked with my best gal pal once she got out of classes and that was helpful.
For now.. I'm just going to remain optimistic and assume that nothing is wrong.
I doubt the PAP will come back abnormal - I mean, I'm young (so, it's not as common), I'm not sexually active (and haven't been since 2009), apparently menstruation can affect the results of a PAP, as well as tampons. Either way - I'm a little more calm now. I'm having a lot of cervical sorts of pain - I'm hoping that whatever was there has popped or something and that is why I'm in pain. I would definitely be okay with that because it means it'll most likely go away soon.

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