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    Includes Expert Content
    PCOS and pregnancy
    An_250277 posted:
    I'd like more information on how to fall pregnant while having PCOS.
    I was tested ages ago for it but all tests came back clear.
    A month ago we decided to start trying for our first baby so I went back to a Dr to have a checkup again.
    The ultrasound came back saying a retroverted uterus, endometrial thickness of 11mm and slight enlargement of ovaries with multiple peripherally placed follicles.
    The Dr basically said to try for 12 months and go back.

    I'm confused as to what all this means though, and what else I can do to make it happen quicker than waiting a yr for a specialist.
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    Chart your cycles and use ovulation test kits to know when you're ovulating.

    Also, most doctors will not test you for fertility problems unless you've been trying for at least a year. It's 6 months if you're over 35.
    Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
    Dear An: tlkittcat has spoken correctly. Your age does have an impact on how long one should continue to try to conceive. HOWEVER, if a GYN suspects that the woman has a known impediment to conception (eg chronic non-ovulation from PCOS) it may be appropriate to have her worked up after 6 months of trying to conceive.

    In terms of your ultrasound, retroverted uterus is not a problem.The thickness of your uterine lining is 11 mm. This could be normal if you are right at ovulation or in the 10-14 day interval right before the next flow. Multiple peripheral follicles, if they are follicular cysts, can suggest PCOS ("string of pearls" appearance).

    If you can document that you are ovulating it may be reasonable to wait 12 months as your GYN suggested. If you are not ovulating then six months may be a time to check back.

    On final thought. Here's a link to more information about PCOS and TTC. The first link if "How do I know if PCOS is the problem?". From there you can click on the follow up "What treatments might help?":

    An_250277 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
    Thank you both for your answers, will definitely have to start trying to track ovulation and see if I am in fact ovulating ok.

    Jane, if you don't mind I have another question.
    My last period was the 2nd January and I then had light brown bleeding for 2-3 days on 14-16th Feb. I had never had a period like this, it was enough for a pad but only brown blood and much lighter. It was barely there when I went to the loo. I had this bleeding when I was due for the ultrasound so put it off until 3 days after, so if the endometrial thickness is correct, im not sure whether it was breakthrough bleeding? As I said, I never had bleeding like this before. While my cycle is irregular, my period is always 7 days long and always the same.

    Any suggestions what it could be?

    many thanks

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