heavy bleeding
mommynerves posted:
I am almost 50 year old & have had very regular periods for my entire life until last month when I had no period? Currently it is day 4 of what has been the heaviest I've ever seen & is not normal for me at all? The first 2 days were normal but the past 2 have been so heavy I am changing tampon every hour & its soaked? No cramping but tenderness in my breasts? please advise... Its Sunday afternoon & I'd much rather wait til tomorrow to make an appt with OBGYN than head to the ER, is this okay & does this sound normal for a woman my age?
Anon_6061 responded:
Period changes are common in the perimenopause time frame leading up to menopause. The heavier bleeding you're experiencing is likely in part explained by the lack of a period last month. But anything goes as far as periods during this perimenopause time frame - less frequent, more frequent, heavier bleeding, lighter bleeding. Here's a link of meds (OTC and Rx) that reduce bleeding along with their % effectiveness - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0015970/table/ch8.t1/?report=objectonly. Hoping the erratic periods are short-lived and manageable!