Looking for fistula repair surgeon with highest success rate
DCnNO posted:
I'm hoping someone here (one of the Experts maybe?) can help me. I have a vaginal-rectal fistula as a result of ulcerative colitis, am looking for fistula repair surgeon with highest success rate in repairing these. Thus far I've had two fistula repair surgeries, both have failed, and I'm at my wits end. I had my colon removed, had a j-pouch created and am ready for my stoma to be closed so that I can have my elimination tract re-routed and get my life back to normal. The only thing that's stopping me: failed fistula repairs.

Fortunately I have the top rated surgeon in my area (Louisiana) but after two failed surgeries, I am becoming desperate. I'm willing to travel anywhere in the US to get the best surgeon who can help me end this nightmare but I'm having trouble finding any data/info on surgeons with high success rate for this procedure. I've contacted the professional association of colon rectal surgeons, they don't have that kind of data. Anyone here know where I can find this info?

thank you in advance for your help,