Essure and early menopause
Nicky891971 posted:
Before I got the essure, they gave me the depo shot, to help with the process, so they stop giving it to me, and then no period. its been a over a year with no period, so they told me that I could be going through the early stage of menopause, dont have a clue, please help.
Nicky891971 responded:
Well My cycle might be trying to come down after a year, but that that means Im in the clear for not having the early stages of menopause. Please help thanks
Conceptus responded:
Please call us, we are representatives of Conceptus, makers of Essure?. We would like to help and are available at (800) 550-0095. If you prefer you can leave a message and ask to be contacted at a particular time and number. We look forward to speaking with you. Thank you.