neg. PT but thin i am preggo
amymo posted:
Help I am 18 days past ovulation, I ovulated feb.18 and had unprotected sex at this time I had ovulation spotting. I am on a 35 day cycle, my period was due Mar 3 and still no period. I took a PT yesterday and it was negative. I feel like I could be pregnant still. I took a first response test. My question is will a PT be negative if I am in fact pregnant after 17 days past ovulation. If I am pregnant I understand that it can take 6-12 days for the eegg to implant. I take insulin and tyroid pills everyday and need to know if I am pregnant so I can see a dr. right away. I have taken a few test before I missed my period they where neg. as well. Is there a a certain time I should wait to retest. I would only be a few weeks preg.? Help!! I have 3 kids now my youngest is 13 and with all of my kids I was over 5 weeks when I found out.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Since you have a history of taking longer than usual to show on pregnancy tests that may be the case once again. I'd see a doctor for a blood test.
mom2aboy3 responded:
my first preg i didnt know i was preg until i was well 12 weeks almost 13 weeks how i didnt know until then i have no clue i guess cause i took spotting for a period i guess well i would retest in a week or so and call make an apt to see ur doc so they could do a blood test hope this helps
amymo replied to mom2aboy3's response:
I never tried to test early with my 3 kids, I found out at 5 weeks cause that's when I tested. im still confused I am 20 days past ovulation and still negative. I would only b a few weeks and everyone is telling me the hpt wont pick up pregnancy until 4 weeks? is this true?
georgiagail replied to amymo's response:
No, that is incorrect. Once implantation has taken place, the body then begins to produce the hormone that is tested for in the pregnancy tests.