moderate pain around belly button area
floridasun posted:
I have recently developed a moderate pain in my abdomen around the mid section, like under the belly button area. I have had a very low grade fever off and on. I manage to get around without any problems but it hurts if I run or do anything really strenuous.

I went to the doctor and they said I have protein in my urine and I am scheduled to go for a sonogram and xray. I got this result from a walk-in clinic and I plan on going to my regular doctor next week.

would you be able to give me some ideas on what this could be? I am not overweight, i don't smoke, i am generally in healthy condition so this is puzzling me.
georgiagail responded:
No; unfortunately an internet board cannot diagnose the cause of this although with protein in the urine there would be some concern for kidney involvement. Hopefully further testing will come up with a diagnosis for these symptoms.