One Period after Miscarriage
An_250819 posted:
Hello, I started a natural miscarriage on 1/13/13 I was around 8 weeks. I bleed from 1/13-1/22. I got my first period on 2/5. My OBGYN at first didn't think it was a period but it progressed to get heavier. So he said it probably was a period. It lasted about six days. Here we are CD33 and till no period. I've taken home pregnancy test and it was negative. When should I expect to see my period again or contact my doctor.
misstracy81 responded:
Oh my god this is almost the same thing that happened to me. I was 11 weeks and had a d and c. Got my first period the exact same date as you and still no period today. Took a test on 3/8 and it was negative. I am freaking out I wanna be pregnant again so badly but I am so worried about miscarrying again. Good luck to you!