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Painful urination, fatigue, vaginal dryness, NOT yeast
An_250820 posted:
Hello. I'm 33 and I've been living in a pretty stressful situation in South America for four years now. I have seen several doctors but haven't had luck obtaining a diagnosis. Right now money is tight, so I could really use some suggestions or at least an outside perspective on the best way to tackle my health issues in order to save time and money at the doctor's. I'd especially like suggestions on what kind of doctor to look for and what kind of tests to make sure he/she orders. Following is a list of what I am dealing with, as well as a little more history:
1. Sharp, extremely pain during or after urination for 4 incredibly long years, only bearable after drinking incredible amounts of fluids. Pain is felt very specifically behind G-spot area. Same pain is sometimes felt when Skene's glands secrete fluid during sex.
2. Vaginal dryness and itching for 4 years, starting at and continuing after ovulation each cycle.
3. Suspected candida for 4 years (lumpy white discharge, itching, but no smell). Was uncontrollable during pregnancy (3 years ago). Never responded to any home remedy or anti-fungal medication, including increasingly stronger prescriptions. Responded only to olive oil, ginger root, or hydrogen peroxide. Recent pap smear finally showed overgrowth of lactobacillus—now easily remedied with baking soda.
4. Fatigue. Exhaustion. Sometimes even too tired to eat, or to do things that I really want to do, like play with my children.
5. Can't gain weight. Am underweight.
6. Breast tissue shrinking, down 2 cup sizes from normal pre-lactation size.
7. Dark circles under eyes since birth of 2ndchild (6 years ago, heavy blood loss). Ferritin levels consistently at low end of "normal" since.
8. Unpredictable, unusually long menstrual cycles
9. Heavy periods
10. Sometimes, pain in cervix during sex
11. Painful swelling and tearing after sex
12. Occasional, seemingly random, soreness in uterus
13. Difficulty remembering things
14. Unpredictable, sudden food allergies that manifest as horrible abdominal pain and headache, beginning only in the last 6 months.
1. Have been tested for UTIs. Always negative except for one time, and that was easily remedied. That was a different pain than what I have the rest of the time.
2. Had a kidney infection last year. Took antibiotics.
3. Monogamous partner of 1 year went to the doctor this week after finding HPV warts on his penis—will have an exam for more information.
4. Last two annual pap smears were normal.
5. Diagnosed with cervical dysplasia 13 years ago, but all clear after giving birth to first child.
6. Premature birth of 3rd child (born 3 years ago at 32 weeks gestation. Previous births at exactly 40 weeks)
7. Painful urination and itching began after 1-2 weeks using NuvaRing (4 years ago)
Help? I'm so ready to be finished with this unhealthy phase of my life!!

An_250820 responded:
Out of nowhere, breasts became tender overnight, and, this morning, I had a sudden intense pain in my uterus that lasted about half an hour. I'm not even expecting my period yet, so it's not an ectopic pregnancy. Ovarian cyst rupture?

I really should get to a doctor, I know. So worried about throwing away time and money -- worried I won't get a diagnosis.

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