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mamo/ultrasound accuracy, help...need advice?
Anon_30608 posted:
hi everyone, couple yrs ago had lumpectomy due to A typical hyperplasia ...nodule/ now i felt a few what feels like lumps and went to doc office where RPA takes care of me ...she does both my mom and my yearly female exam...she did feel the lumps i felt and so sent me for a mamo and ultrasound ...however she did say she didnt feel any hard lumps , movable and soft but still better to get checked out...well i went and got it done and results read heterogeneously dense breasts. postoperative changes in left breast retroareolar region. no suspicious clustered microcalcifications or discrete nodules were seen within right or left breast. there is no distortion that would warrant biopsy. no skin thickening. ultrasound of right breast is remarkable left breast as axillary lymphadenopathy evidence for malignancy....ok and noted patient was unable to localize palpable abnormalities within the right and left breast at this time...didnt understand that...SO with this all said i thought i was ok....the doc office called and said they want me to see a breast specialist for second opinion...she said because we felt few lumps and maybe they were over looked...i have to say this is unsettling cause the tech who did my ultrasound was actually a lymphnode specialist she said she goes up in armpit and down where i told her i had tenderness and felt little lumps...she said she is very thorough and mamo both were diagnostic test s , extra pics i guess the RPA wants to be sure? idk how accurate are these tests being they didnt show cysts or other...that we both i did take some vit E a week prior every day to help , could they have shrunk ? the doc im going to is a breast specialist and surgeon , he did mine 2 yrs ago...i am very concerned that the mamo and u/s werent good enough....but i know it doesnt hurt to get second opinion...any advice?ps im also 43 yrs old...i dont know what to think
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Anon: I would agree with you, both the mammogram and breast ultrasound reports sound reassuring. Having said that however, one of the rules is that any palpable lumps that do not vary over a menstrual cycle (eg "hormonal lumps") need to have a definitive diagnosis. Mammograms, depending upon the type might miss up to 15% of cancers. Adding an ultrasound should decrease the number of "misses".

It seems like your primary GYN practice is being very conscientious in referring you to a breast surgeon for a second opinion. Some providers would not do that despite recommendations that any palpable lumps get a definite diagnosis.

If you would be so kind, would you write us all back and let us know what your breast surgeon says/ Other women with similar questions will be very interested in your answer.

healus88 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
hi jane, thank u for ur reply . i didnt know what to think im still very concerned because if palpable lumps mean hormonal lumps then it would need to be checked thoroughly...correct? so i thought the u/s would confirm the mamo with the diagnosis being good...however i do think im in peri menopause cause my body seems to be changing , put on bit of weight around the tummy /waistline area...foggy mind and clear other times...and my cycle has been reg and then after few months ill have one back to back , color is changing from bright red to brown..body seems to be changing ...use to have terrible dismonnorreah /pain with cycle just horrible and has subsided alot ...i do get migraines before hand that i didnt have before ....and other small differences . sometimes at nite i sweat and then some times im really cold...but only round time of my cycle ....anyways ill keep ya posted...i dont go to gyn i go to RNA she isnt obgyn so she may feel second opinion is needed because she cant be how accurate are mamo and u/s together? idk....ill keep yas posted as to what the breast specialist says and hope for the best have u ever heard of this happening? and what does this mean for most women if mamo and u/s isnt enough?

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