smjpain posted:
Hi Jane I have a question for you I went to see my Awesome DPT on friday and she said that our apt. would be the last one for awhile because of the Iowa Care I have I have to be re-refered and also my pain/infection need to quite down a bit. I am mad and want to cry she told me that she would be seeing me again, but also agreed we needed sometime off. I know doing my therapy at home but when I don't go see her my pain levels have been higher I have charts for her to look at for pain levels. She looked at my vaginal skin and said it was very red and irritated which I knew she thinks I could have a yeast infection still the weired bug. I'm afraid that my pain is going to get worse.On-top of that I have had so much burning and spotting and tearing my GYN might have to do some stitching I will be calling him first thing in the morning because since I saw him about two weeks ago there was still no improvement. My Vagina hurts so bad I just want it to fall off.