Large blood clots with heavy bleeding
harleyquinn47 posted:
Not sure what to do with this one but....Three years ago I started taking birth control, changed it last summer for a heavier birth control but I had issues with that one and it didn't lessen the bleeding anyway. So I went back to the original one and have been on it for 3 months. I'm also 21 and have been checked for HPV and all that and I'm clean. Now at least once a cycle, I get a huge blood clot. Literally. It's humongous! And I'm not sure if it's something to worry about or not? I have very heavy bleeding and I always have. I don't always have missed periods, but I have in the past. The last time I was sexually active was in September so I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant and it wasn't a miscarriage. Should I go get it checked out, or not? It's starting to worry me. Thank you!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Remember, your period is not just bleeing, it's the shedding of your uterine lining so what many women call blood clots are actually parts of your uterine lining.

If it only happens once during your period and the bleeding isn't any heavier than usual, I wouldn't worry about it.
harleyquinn47 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I know that it's just not blood but the pieces have NEVER been this large or I wouldn't be worried about it. And it's only since I started this birth control again.