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Menstrual nausea
generalhospitalfan1984 posted:
For the last two months I have been experinsing menstrual nausea but I haven't actually thrown up. So I want to know, how do I get rid of menstrual nausea felling natrually? Please help!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Try spearmint tea. When I was a kid and would get an upset stomach, she would give me that and it helped. It also helped with my morning sickness when I was pregnant.
generalhospitalfan1984 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thank you for the suggestion. I'll try sperarmint tea & see if that helps. Thank you once again.
mom4gram9 responded:
Mint is a muscle relaxer and may help. Dry crackers (like with morning sickness) may help.
Ginger is used for motion sickness and other dizziness. You can get tablets or you can get fresh ginger to chew on. The taste is an acquired taste, but if it helps -- it's worth it! I used it for seasickness in the past.

When I was in high school back in the '60s I would get incredible cramps and bleed profusely including clots. I would have diahrea and be 'sick' the first couple days of my menstration. Luckily that went away. I believe they now have a name and treatment for that.

I hope you find relief.
mom4gram9 responded:
mint is a muscle relaxer and might help

ginger is for motion sickness/dizziness/nausea
I've used it for seasickness in the past. You can take it as a tablet or you can buy fresh ginger 'bites' (?) at a co-op type place to chew on. The taste is an acquired one, but worth it! It did help me.
404consultant responded:
When I was a teen/young adult I would get nauseated every month without fail during my menstrual cycle. My doctor prescribed phenergan. Since I am not a big pill popper, I only took it a few times, but it worked. I am in my 30's now and have changed my diet so I only the the nausea occasionally and it's no where near as bad as it used to be. Also, the nausea seemed to come on when my pain was really bad and I hadn't responded to it (remember I don't like taking pills), and it was cold. Then I'd vomit. Hope this helps.
generalhospitalfan1984 replied to mom4gram9's response:
Thank you for the suggestion of mint, ginger & dry crackers.
generalhospitalfan1984 replied to mom4gram9's response:
Thank you for the suggestion of mint & ginger.
generalhospitalfan1984 replied to 404consultant's response:
Thank you for the tip.
Laney78 replied to generalhospitalfan1984's response:
An_251269 posted:Get an evaluation of your hormones from an OB/GYN. I had a serious imbalance for years (was sick every month) before someone figured it out. Also, do a home pregnancy test (provided you have reason to do so). I've read that it's possible to have periods and still be pregnant. Good luck!
generalhospitalfan1984 replied to Laney78's response:
Thanks for the suggestion.

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