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Abnormal Pap Smear/HPV
melissap68 posted:
I tested positive for HPV last year but was told it wasn't the one to worry too much over. I had a pap smear done two weeks ago and it came back low grade abnormal and the HPV test said something like" not enough cells". I have a fibroid tumor in my uterus and when I was at the OB/GYN appt he said that my uterus was swollen. My doctor called with these test results and said that he thinks we should just wait a year and do another pap smear then. With all this information I was wondering if I should get a second opinion about waiting a year.
Anon_6061 responded:
Regarding the fibroid - Those are very need to do anything unless they cause debilitating symptoms such as heavy bleeding or troublesome pressure on surrounding organs. If treatment is warranted, there are meds for heavy bleeding and surgical options to "scoop out" the fibroids.

Abnormal paps can be caused be relatively harmless conditions such as inflammation or infections. Also, HPV infections are oftentimes transient especially in young women and many types aren't a concern. Here are some links -
newgirl2010 responded:
I have had a couple abnormal paps in the last couple of years (I am in my 30s), but HPV tests have come back negative. What they are testing for is the high risk form of HPV (the one that can cause cervical cancer). It is great your HPV test didn't come back positive. But, personally, I would want to know that HPV is what can cause an abnormal pap and you want to know if you have it so you can begin treatment (which is often times very successful). I would redo the pap.
An_251294 responded:
I dealt with this years ago and I must advise to get a second opinion. Perhaps if your insurance alllows you to see a specialist, go see gynocological Oncologist. I can't imagine the specialist will feel the same. Cervical cancer cells can grow rapidly. Usually all that is required is a surgical leep (shaving off of layers of cervix with a wire) Even if your OB/GYN had the type of HPV identified and it wasn't one of the types that cause cancer, the abnormal cells would be cause for action to me.-Best of luck to you-
satiel responded:
Yes, you most definitely should get a second opinion. Speaking from some one in the healthcare industry.
Dustie01 responded:
Hello Melissa, well the second opinion isn't going to hurt anything although waiting a year to take care of it may have a really bad result. Best wishes,Dustie01
goldieandsam replied to Dustie01's response:
Hi Melissa, had similar experience last year and had second test within 1-wk by my gyn with results from the lab--nothing to worry about. However recently had another test within 6-mths with same red flag and I need to urgently have another test. I decided to have a second opinion and my results from pap smear and ultrasound showed small fibroid which I shuld not worry about; no neoplasia, no pathogens, no cancer cells.
Suggest you shud have that second opinion for peace of mind. Suprise you gyn suggests to wait 1-yr. Based on this, I would think you do not have anything to worry about, by the way I am 67.

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