Periods after NovaSure endometrial ablation
KristieLea posted:
I have a question about the symptoms I have been having the last 3 months, today I sit in total pain that I can hardly stand. I gave birth to twins in 1997 by c-sections. In 1997 I also had a tubal ligation. In 2009 started having heavy periods so my OBGYN performed the Nova Sure procedure on me. I had normal light periods for 4 years. Since December of 2012 I have not had a period at all. I had a few days of really pink discharge very light. About two weeks ago my breast swelled and have hurt for 2 weeks straight. 3 days ago my lower back was so sore I could not hardly move, then yesterday I had pain on my right side. Now my back and lower stomach aches and I am in so much pain the last two days it is unbelievable how bad I hurt and had alittle bit of discharged that was almost black. Can anyone give me advice about what is going on. I am scared of it being cancer. Thank You..
Anon_6061 responded:
Could be post-ablation pelvic pain that some other women have described on this "Endometrial Ablation Side Effects" discussion -