Seborrheic keratosis--experts explanation/feedback please!!!
Anon_4527 posted:
so, i noticed this "thing" on my shoulder. initially i thought it was a mole. I have very few moles so i usually can keep pretty good accounting of them. this one has really changed. i think it is a seborrheic keratosis. it is sort of scaly, light colored. prehaps when it was new i thought it a moe...but now can't deny it has changed. i have a derm appointment set up...but while i wait for my appointment can you help answer a question or two?

does the fact i have one mean i will get more? i read it is common to have a crop then just one. in other words, if i was someone prone to getting many, wouldn't i have many with this one? i guess that is all. again, i am pretty confident of what it is, but scared i may get several more.
bpcookie responded:
Hello, I am not too familiar with what you have but I read that you can have them removed. So if you get more than this one that you already have, you can have them all removed. Seborrheic Keratosis is not cancerous. Try not to worry, I have noticed that when I worry and get stressed, all my health issues get worse. Take care.