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2 month period heavy bleeding and clotting
chelseylove08 posted:
let me start of by stating that i started my menstrual cycle when i 8 yrs old. while growing up i have been on and off birth control depending on if we had money for it at the time, however even on birth control my period has always come whenever it wanted usually every 2 or 3 months. it was heavy, had clotting, bad cramping, back, breast pains and really bad headaches. my doctor said it was normal for me personally since it never changed from that.

Now however since i got married in august of 09 and i am now 23, i have had a regular period every month, i was on birth control for the first couple of months,(we moved to texas a couple of months before so i had to switch to a new doctor) but haven't been on any since because we've been trying to have a child for close to 4 years now. about 2 years ago i had to have surgery because i had a miscarriage and they had found a growth on my ovary that they could not remove so they took the whole left one out leaving me with my uterus and right ovary. that new doctor said i should be good and have no problems now.

Now i have been i Alabama for 2 years and never had a problem until about 4 months before 3/18 i was skipping every other month. on 3/18 i started again, and now i have had my period everyday with no spotting or stops in between. i have gone to a new doctor about 2 weeks ago and said it looked like bad luck and put me on something thats was going to stop it then take something else to help make me concieve. It seemed like it was working for a bit, then withing the last week or so its gotten heavier to where im bleeding through tampons and pads withing an hr sometimes and passing alot of large clots that give me alot of cramping type pain. this week alone i have done an extra 3-4 washes just to make sure blood does not stain my pants or underware. i have talked to a nurse again who talked to the doctor who said that i should start on birth-control (which in my experience will work for a month then this whole process will start over) then it got lighter again so i figured it was a false alarm but then a day or so later it came back. i called again on tuesday and no response back since.

im wondering if i should press the issue or go ahead and go to another doctor, because this i scaring me and i want to have a sonogram or some kind of testing done to find out what this is, i do want at least one child before i cant have any at all.
frustrated47 responded:
Sounds like possibly endometriosis? I would recommend finding a different doctor. I've been through a few doctors that were too lazy or busy or didn't have the knowledge to try and diagnose my health issues and fix it. Finding a good doctor is the hard part.

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