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Help!!!!! Itching and discoloration in vagina area!!!!
ii_sErae5_ii posted:
I have been having some itching in my vagina area for about 3 weeks now and can't seem to get rid of it. It is only on one side or my pubic hair area. The itching seemed to go away but then returned and now I have notice some discoloration. It looks very dry and white. I have been putting on a good lotion on the area for about a week now and that does not seem to help. I am not having any kind of unusual discharge or weird smell. I have never had a yeast infection but know they are common. Could this be a yeast infection? Please help!!!! I have been in the process of moving and will have to wait at least another week before I can get to a hospital to check it out.
bpcookie responded:
Hello ii_serae, YI's can cause itching and burning but also a discharge. If you suspect that it could be a YI, you can buy OTC med. BI's can cause the same symptoms but there is no OTC med., you have to get a script to cure it. Chemical allergy or irritation can also cause the symptoms. Have you changed your body wash soap or laundry soap. Also there are disorders that can cause itching, dryness, pain, burning and discoloration of the vulva area. Things like vulvodynia, Lichen Simplex Chronicus, Lichen Planus and Lichen Sclerosis (spelling). The three that I just mentioned are kinda rare and usually its the older women who get it but there are some younger women too.

Don't put any lotion on your vuvla or in your vagina cause this can cause infections. You can put some A and D ointment on your vulva but do not put it inside your vagina. What ever you do, do NOT itch because it will only make things worse.

Good luck to you. I hope you find the cause soon and can get the itching under control.
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ejp123 replied to bpcookie's response:
How can I join this support group?

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