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    Jane: Need help
    jk5493 posted:

    I don't really know where else to post. I've posted on here in the past about provera, PCOS, and irregular periods - the normal stuff, I guess. With that being said, I'm 19 (will be 20 on May 4th ), I have PCOS, do not take any medications (anymore), am not sexually active, and am in college. I have always led a pretty healthy lifestyle; but, the number on the scale was always a little heavier than what I appeared to be. I was always highly athletic - so, I carried myself well. Anyhow, my story gets somewhat complicated, but I will try to condense it.
    April 2012: I started getting fevers everyday in the late afternoon, into the evening - always wiped me out. I was put on antibiotics for a suspected pelvic infection. The fevers stopped for a couple of weeks and then started back up to where I would get it for a few nights, be fine, get it, so on and so forth.
    July 2012: I had oral surgery in the hospital. I was on antibiotics before the surgery and then after. I ended up getting sick with c-diff on the first day of classes - it went undiagnosed from August until early November. All of that time, I had the fever of course and was on antibiotics for other suspected infections. Normal c-diff symptoms present the entire semester; but, also a horrible rash on my upper body the entire semester (didnt respond to steroid creams very well) and horrible itchiness ALL OVER... especially my chest, neck and lower legs.
    C-diff relapse after 6 weeks of Vanco and flagyl. So, I took it for another 4 weeks or so, with flagyl. C-diff cleared up... but, my GI system is still horrible - I might actually have IBD (no insurance, so, my GI doc is just helping me manage).
    Now: I still get feverish on and off, am almost always tired (but, I still try to work out every day b/c it helps me to feel a bit better - it keeps me sane), and... I've lost a TON of weight. I mean, in the time span of 5 weeks (at most), I lost 26 lbs. I'm still at only 26lbs lost - somehow, I've managed not to lose anymore weight for a month...but, with PCOS, I've always struggled losing weight. I'm still itchy ALL OF THE TIME on my neck, chest, head, and legs. Since January, I've gotten sick SO much, too. I've gotten tonsilitis twice, bronchitis once, and it seems as though I always have BV or a yeast infection. I don't know what's going on... but any suggestions you might have to help me facilitate a conversation with my PCP back home? I see her on May 9th and, since I live a couple of hours away at school nowadays, I need to make the most of this time. Are there specific things I need to be mentioning to her?

    I should add that I get the nutrients that I need. I eat plain oatmeal that has to be cooked in the morning for breakfast with some cinnamon and local honey - I usually eat 1/2 a piece of whole fruit and then eat the 2nd half during a morning class. Sometimes, I switch it up in the morning. I have the same salad for lunch and dinner every single day with green bell pepper, cucumber, tomato and onion with oil and vinegar and grilled chicken - an apple as the side. I don't drink anything except for water and occasionally 1 cup of plain almond milk a day (can't do milk ever since the c-diff). I don't buy or eat processed/packaged foods and only buy something that isn't a 'whole--food' unless it has 5 ingredients or less (that are pronounceable). My lifestyle has not really changed at all - I just don't know why, all of a sudden, the weight decided to melt away, or why I am itchy, feverish and always exhausted.



    ps. I apologize for the length.

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