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    Jane: Need help!!!
    jk5493 posted:

    I don't really know where else to post. I've posted on here in the past about provera, PCOS, and irregular periods - the normal stuff, I guess. With that being said, I'm 19 (will be 20 on May 4th ), I have PCOS, do not take any medications (anymore), am not sexually active, and am in college. I have always led a pretty healthy lifestyle; but, the number on the scale was always a little heavier than what I appeared to be. I was always highly athletic - so, I carried myself well. Anyhow, my story gets somewhat complicated, but I will try to condense it.
    April 2012: I started getting fevers everyday in the late afternoon, into the evening - always wiped me out. I was put on antibiotics for a suspected pelvic infection. The fevers stopped for a couple of weeks and then started back up to where I would get it for a few nights, be fine, get it, so on and so forth.
    July 2012: I had oral surgery in the hospital. I was on antibiotics before the surgery and then after. I ended up getting sick with c-diff on the first day of classes - it went undiagnosed from August until early November. All of that time, I had the fever of course and was on antibiotics for other suspected infections. Normal c-diff symptoms present the entire semester; but, also a horrible rash on my upper body the entire semester (didnt respond to steroid creams very well) and horrible itchiness ALL OVER... especially my chest, neck and lower legs.
    C-diff relapse after 6 weeks of Vanco and flagyl. So, I took it for another 4 weeks or so, with flagyl. C-diff cleared up... but, my GI system is still horrible - I might actually have IBD (no insurance, so, my GI doc is just helping me manage).
    Now: I still get feverish on and off, am almost always tired (but, I still try to work out every day b/c it helps me to feel a bit better - it keeps me sane), and... I've lost a TON of weight. I mean, in the time span of 5 weeks (at most), I lost 26 lbs. I'm still at only 26lbs lost - somehow, I've managed not to lose anymore weight for a month...but, with PCOS, I've always struggled losing weight. I'm still itchy ALL OF THE TIME on my neck, chest, head, and legs. Since January, I've gotten sick SO much, too. I've gotten tonsilitis twice, bronchitis once, and it seems as though I always have BV or a yeast infection. I don't know what's going on... but any suggestions you might have to help me facilitate a conversation with my PCP back home? I see her on May 9th and, since I live a couple of hours away at school nowadays, I need to make the most of this time. Are there specific things I need to be mentioning to her?

    I should add that I get the nutrients that I need. I eat plain oatmeal that has to be cooked in the morning for breakfast with some cinnamon and local honey - I usually eat 1/2 a piece of whole fruit and then eat the 2nd half during a morning class. Sometimes, I switch it up in the morning. I have the same salad for lunch and dinner every single day with green bell pepper, cucumber, tomato and onion with oil and vinegar and grilled chicken - an apple as the side. I don't drink anything except for water and occasionally 1 cup of plain almond milk a day (can't do milk ever since the c-diff). I don't buy or eat processed/packaged foods and only buy something that isn't a 'whole--food' unless it has 5 ingredients or less (that are pronounceable). My lifestyle has not really changed at all - I just don't know why, all of a sudden, the weight decided to melt away, or why I am itchy, feverish and always exhausted.



    ps. I apologize for the length.
    jk5493 responded:
    Oh, and I should add that for the last 2-3 months... I've been having night sweats - not every single night. Instead, I'll get it for a week, and then be okay, then a few days, on and off. It kind of correlates with the fever, I'm sure. It's not drenching; however, I have started to go to bed without PJs on to eliminate extra layers to make me sweat worse.
    georgiagail responded:
    You are not getting all the nutrients you need. Your diet is deficient both in calories (thus the significant weight loss in a short time period) as well as iron (explains, in part the exhaustion) and, at the very least, calcium.

    Next time you get bloodwork, ask them to check your hemoglobin levels. I'm betting some pretty impressive anemia here.

    mountainmom48 responded:
    Hi Jade, I think I may have suggested this in a past post of yours, but I think you should check thyroid levels and antibodies. Rapid weight loss and sweats are a symptom of hyperthyroidism. Also, with the histimine reactions you have, kind of sounds systemic. SED and CRP labs would show if you have systemic inflammation. I disagree that you're getting all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. through diet alone. Your diet doesn't sound varied, no dairy or other calcium fortified foods listed, among other obvious deficiencies. Good luck.
    jk5493 replied to mountainmom48's response:
    Hi Georgia and Mountainmom48,

    I have had extensive bloodwork in the last month. No anemia - my hemoglobin is great - 17.3 the last they checked; and, that wa after I donated blood. My platelets are good, too.

    Aside from the salads and such that I put, I snack in between - so, it's not like I'm just eating those salads and oatmeal and calling it quits. I get the proper amount of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, and such for the day. I have a variety of snacks - whole wheat toast with minimal ingredients, almonds and walnuts, plain greek yogurt, lima beens, edamame, avocado slices, baby carrots, cottage cheese, etc. I eat a good amount of food every day - whenever I am hungry... I eat. But, I eat whole foods. I should be maintaing weight. I take multi-vitamins and am on a life-long prescription vitamin d supplement b/c my body doesn't seem to have the capability to absorb it. So, I take calcium supplements with that as well - I cannot eat dairy, but in very small amounts as it makes me super sick. I do not buy enriched foods because they are processed - food grown from the ground, chicken, yogurts, nuts and legumes are plenty to get what I need as far as vitamins and minerals. My GI doc said that my daily food intake is good.

    Thank you for the suggestions, though. I have had my thyroid checked numerous times and it has always come back in excellent condition. It was just an all of a sudden thing that the weight seemed to melt off - almost over night...but, I've been feeling unwell for a little over a year now and I'm wondering if something is truly going on - it seems as though my lymph nodes have been getting swollen often, so I am sure that there has to be some explanation.

    Thanks again,
    mountainmom48 replied to jk5493's response:
    There is probably a reason you can't absorb vit D and you should find out why. Have you had a DEXA scan for a baseline? You might post vit D issue on the osteoporosis board with a shout out to Bonebabe. She might have some thoughts on this.

    When you've had thyroid labs, do you actually know what was tested and where your results fell in the range? Did you just have TSH and T4 tested or did you also test antibodies? Autoimmune thyroid illness, like other AI disorders, tends to flare. If you are getting thyroid labs checked when you aren't having symptoms, you may get within normal limits findings. Having the antibodies testing shows if, even if your thyroid is fine, you will have decline in function at some point in your life. Since you see a GI, what tests has he specifically checked? SED and CRP?

    Have you had an ANA? Considered seeing a rheumatologist since you have swelling/inflammation?
    jk5493 replied to mountainmom48's response:
    They think I have crohn', that is probably why. My PCP did extensive testing (and still does occasionally) when I was in the process of getting diagnosed with PCOS b/c I felt so sick - I've literally been exhausted for the last 9 years. I had every test imaginable and was in the doctors office or hospital almost every day for weeks getting tests and such. My GI doesn't do much - I probably won't be seeing him anymore. I'm not insured and I am not really a fan of his personality. Plus, I mostly went to see him b/c I got really sick.

    I'm sure that when I go to my PCP on the 9th, she'll do lots of bloodwork to check for any and everything.
    I have had a bone scan.... in the 5th grade. It was normal, but haven't had one since. I have had a heel fracture (August 2011) and it broke out of nowhere... but, no tests really done to see why. That's the least of my worries - I just want to feel like a normal human being for once.

    What's an ANA?

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