1 Ectopic, 1 Miscarriage, now 14 months infertillity
An_251566 posted:

This is the first time that I have ever poted anything, anywhere about this, and i guess am just lookng for a little bit of insight, it gets hard o be that strong person fr so long.

I am 25 now, generally i am a healthy person.I try to eat well, and try and excerise although I could do beter in that area.

In June/ July 2011 my fiance and i started TTC, end of aug 2011 i foudn out I was pregnant but it was ectopic. It was caught early enough that I all I neded was the shots to take care of it, nothing ruptured. we waited until Dec2011 to start trying again and New Years Day i found out i was pregnant again, and at 12 weeks I had a miscarriage. My body took care of mostly everything and was given the opion to take pills to clean out the rest, also used for stomach ulcers, he side effect is the ability to help after a miscarriage (sorry for the details).

From then on we have been TTC to conceive again but with no lucky. Its frustrating because it happned so fast the lst to time. First month. No problems. Now month and months and nothing. I finally thought it was time to start talking to my GP. Sh sent me for bloodtests for my hormone levels etc, and everythin came back fine. Then i went for an ultrasound and this is what came back (although I dont really undertand what it means or if its bad, and what i can do). i have been referred t a specialist but it is a 6 month wait.

Last Period april 4- april 7. I am regular every 29 days. Family history: my mother had bad endometriosis from an early age. I have never had any problems to date. Doctors appointment was on CD 8 and my ultra sound was CD 13. Doctor said i could try the ovulation sticks and i got a positive ovulation on CD 14.

Uterus is anteverted 9.2x 3.7x 4.9 cm. Endometrium hs a double thick wall thickness of 12 cm. Myometrium appears unremarkable.

A small amount of fluid noted in the cervical canal.

The right ovary contains a dominant follicle├ęsmall simple cyst of 2.4x1.4x2.2 cm with surrounding ovarian tissue, and right ovarian volume including this is 9.6 cc. The left ovary contains small follicles and left ovarian volume is 6 cc.

Free fluid noted in the cul-de-sac.

The adnexa did not demonstrate and abnormalities, screenig of the kidneys did not demonstrate and hydronephrosis. the urinary bladder was satisfactorily filled for the transvestical study and empited imcompletly for the endovaginal study.

So... what does this mean.. Am i doomed fo ever having babies..

Thanks for any and all help!!
georgiagail responded:
What your test results show is that you have an essentially normal reproductive tract.

Your uterus is tipped forward a bit but this will not affect fertility. Your uterine lining is perfectly normal....you have normal kidneys and a bladder and both ovaries appear to be working just fine.

When you go for your specialist appointment your partner should come with you. Sometimes the issue is not with the female and both partners need to be checked out, especially in light of the fact that you have managed to achieve a pregnancy twice already (although one ended in miscarriage and the other was ectopic).

An_251566 responded:
Note: endometrium wall has a double wall thickness of 12mm NOT cm- sorry!!
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I assumed this was actually mm instead of cm.

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Hello Again,

So it has been another 7 months with no success with getting pregnant! Good thing I am finally getting in to see a specialist. So far I have done my Cycle Day specific blood tests, everything came back fine, my fiance had his semen analysis and also came back fine, I had an HSG (painful), both sides "filled and spilled like it should. I have a small intramural fibroid, that I am having check out with an Saline Sonhystrogram... so far everything seems to be unexplained infertility! So frustrating!

Anyone have any insight or experiences like this?