Bleeding four months after LEEP
An_251567 posted:
About four months ago I had a LEEP done to remove severe dysplasia from my cervix. Everything went well and I am suspose to return in six month for another PAP. I have also been on birthcontrol for the past 7 months. Recently I moved to another state and when I had my birthcontrol refilled they gave me another brand. I double checked and made sure the active ingredients were the same so I wasnt concerned. I had my period as scheduled; however, it was lighter than usual, still wasnt concerned because since being on birthcontrol my periods have been very light. This was actually one reason for starting on birthcontrol because I was having bad PMS and very heavy periods with cramping. What I am worried about now is that about 3 days after my period ended I started bleeding again. This time heavier than normal, it is becoming increasingly heavier and so far has lasted 7 days with no signs of slacking off. Because I have recently moved, I have not yet found a OBGYN. I did have a family member recommend one and plan on scheduling an appointment next week. Getting increasingly concerned??