Ovarian Complex Cysts
erika40long posted:
  • Hello my name Is Erika Long And I'm 40 years old with a history of cervicial cancer in 2010 I just had a transvaginial utrasound I jst read the finding from the test is showed Left ovarian mass with complex componet, complex hemorrhagic ovarian cyts, And enlarging left ovarian mass with complex cyts i don't understand what ths is I'm terrified if Cancer returning I've alreadt had apartial hysterectomy in 2010 which they left my ovaries in. So I would'nt go thru menapause to early. Can I get some kind od adice I do not see my Gyn Doc until May 2013 . So ifee as though I'm in limbo Can someone explain these findings to me? Pleases !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
georgiagail responded:
Here is a fairly good article that discusses Complex Ovarian Cysts.

The only difference between these and other ovarian cysts is that complex ovarian cysts contain a mixture of fluids and solid matter while ovarian cysts are just fluid filled. The vast, vast majority of these complex ovarian cysts are benign (non-cancerous) so perhaps you can rest a bit easier until you can see your Gynecologist: