Im obsessed with pregnancy.
Jessicamitchell posted:
I never had sex. I just wrestled fully clothed with a boy in my neighborhood and then sat on his bed to play video games. My fingers were sticky but i didn't think much of it. I used the bathroom and WIPED and I believe I may be pregnant.
1. My period is two days late.
2. I feel movement in my tummy
3. Lower back pain.
My doctor and mom says i cant be pregnant without penetration. But a few days ago i sent a text saying: Never trust a doctor!
to my friend. I believe it is more than a coincidence..
Am i just obsessed?
georgiagail responded:
Your mother and your physician are quite correct. It is impossible for you to be pregnant from simply wrestling with a boy while fully clothed and then sitting on his bed.

Your menstrual period is late because you are obsessing over all of this. Your back hurts because your period is about to start. One does not feel movement in their "tummy" until they are many weeks into a pregnancy; you are again obsessing about this entire business.