Period Problems.
AshPhil47170 posted:
Last July, I took myself off the shot(birthcontrol) and decided to just deal and plan. Well, April was my first period since I got on the shot 2 years ago.
This month, for some reason, I've had every pregnancy symptom you can name for my PMS. My period started on time, like clockwork... and it ended. I have not been sexually active since 2 weeks before my period. I'm spotting now, and when I spot it comes with this milky discharge. Making the blood almost look like watercolors. I've never had this happen and I've never experienced those symptoms before with my period. In fact, I've never had real pms before in my life. No cramps, nothing. Is this normal?
AshPhil47170 responded:
Update: The spotting stopped... but I'm still having the white-ish discharge.