Changing Doses of birth control and protection? Could I get pregnant??
DeliaGray posted:
I've been on the low hormone dose of Junel FE birth control for about a year now, but it was not helping my cramps etc so my doctor prescribed me the next higher dose. It's the same birth control, just with more hormones. I finished the low dose pack, had my period and then the day before I was due to start the new higher dose, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. And then again today. I sort of figured since it was the same brand, just higher hormones, I'd still be protected. Especially since I NEVER miss a pill and always take it on time.[br>[br>Now I'm a bit worried b/c I know that when you switch birth controls it can be unsafe, but is that the case when the birth control is the same type, just a higher dose? Will it make a difference that I had unprotected sex on the last day of my sugar pill? He DID finish inside me BOTH times. (yes, not smart I know) Did I make a huge mistake or am I still protected?

georgiagail responded:
You didn't have unprotected intercourse.

You are still protected against pregnancy even when you are on the placebo pills in your birth control.

fcl responded:
You didn't have unprotected sex because you were on the pill. Changing from one brand of the pill to another is seamless. Also, you have exactly the same level of protection the whole month round. Whether or not he ejaculated in you makes little difference.

You'll be fine