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Please helpd Jane/Gail
newgirl2010 posted:
I lost a birth control pill last--behind the stove i believe. after an hour or so of looking, i gave up and took another pill. Now, I am short one pill. They are tricyclic pills (orthotricyclen lo). My pharmacy won't just give me another pack (insurance says too soon). I asked my gyno office if they had samples I could I do have a "spare" pack I take from whenever i lose a pill (which isn't often), but it expired April 2013. Would it be okay to take a pill from that expired pack to keep me on schedule?

Pregnancy is absolutely not an option for me, so if an expired pill from last month would compromise contraception in anyway...I need to know.

Thank you.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Don't worry. Just keep taking your pills as normal. Your period may start a day early but that's about it.
An_250567 responded:
You might call the pharmacy on guidance regarding expiration date on your spare pack. If you opt to not take that pill, then use back up birth control until you complete the next pack. Although insurance won't pay for another pack right now, you can fill the Rx and pay out of pocket for it. That is a more expensive option, but if pregnancy is a no-go, then a one-time out of pocket expense is nothing.
newgirl2010 replied to An_250567's response:
Actually, i think i would be okay based on what the pharmacist said...but i am truly paranoid, so I am getting the pharmacist to do one-time calendar year override for a new pill pack. that way, if i lose another pill in the next year...i will have that pack to pull from.
newgirl2010 replied to newgirl2010's response:
honestly, i don't know why pharmacists say it is okay to miss a dose or two a cycle. i thought you had to take a pill everyday at roughly the same time to be protected. and if you forget...take it as soon as you remember. Also, since I am on the low dose pill, i would think it even more important to not miss a pill and to not take expired pills.

I also don't understand this notion of just taking the pills and ending up short one day early. aren't the hormones in triphasic pills designed to have a certain amount of hormones for a certain number of days? then...if you do that, do you start your new pack a day early? If not, they you would increase the hormone free period...and potentially ovulate.

confused. all i know is that i have heard too many stories of women getting pregnant while on the pill (missing pills, taking expired pills, etc.)

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