Is Dyspareunia hard to diagnose?
Anon_22893 posted:
I have been experiencing severe vaginal pain for almost 2 years (out of the blue!) whenever my husband and I have sex. Gradually I kept withdrawing from intercourse to the point that I told my husband I couldn't do it, period. My libido was non-existant, I stopped touching my husband, etc. I kept seeing my gynecologist and asking her to examine me - she said I was fine, nothing was wrong. She had me try testosterone cream, new birth control, lubricants; nothing work. It was driving a wedge between my husband and I.
The other night, I took matters into my own hands and initiated sex. Everything was wonderful until we tried intercourse. It was so painful and felt like my vagina just clamped down on itself, like my husband's penis couldn't go any further than a 1/2". It was so frustrating but my husband was very reassuring and was elated that we had gotten this far.
I am concerned that after several pelvic exams/pap smears that my gynocologist cannot pick up any issues or irregularities. After all my research I really think I have Dyspareunia - is this hard to diagnose?