Continues Bleeding
BrucieTheGreen posted:
Ok, since I started having periods I've had problems. It wasn't till I was about sixteen when things started to get bad. Having abnormally long periods, that have only gotten longer as I've gotten older. Now at 22 I've bleed non stop for almost a year, I'll stop for a day or two before it starts again.

As the bleeding got longer I started clotting constantly, large clots that would go through tampon and pad (which I had to wear both to stop messing up my clothes) having to go to the bathroom every few minutes.

This year I was put on the Depo shot to help with my hormones and stop the bleeding. Only its not... From what I was told it, was to lessen to stop the bleeding for about three months.

For me after the two month mark a start bleeding like I was and doesn't stop till a week after I get another shot.

On top of that I have a mild case of Psoriasis, that has flared up a bit since I've started Depo. I don't know if its the shot or stress but I'm at my wits end.
fcl responded:
Go back to your gyn and explain that the treatment isn't working and that you want her/him to look into it further. If they refuse you change doctors. Nobody should have to put up with that level of discomfort.