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Spotting and Cramping: PMS or Pregnancy?
Jenn_ifer posted:

I'm wondering if my situation could possibly be a premenstrual thing, rather than pregnancy.

I'm 34-years-old. My boyfriend and I had sex once with a condom (no breakage or anything) on May 12th.

I was expecting my period around May 22nd (about a 30-day cycle; it's not always on time). Instead, four days later I got VERY light pink spotting. It was barely enough to show up in my underwear. I had cramping this whole day. By the end of the night, the cramping was bad enough that I had to take Tylenol. The next day, there was no spotting and the cramping lessened.

I also started to feel nauseous, dizzy, and extra tired that day, and it hasn't gone away. I also still have minor cramping. I also feel like I might be feeling hot sometimes.

A week before this happened, I was having my usual PMS symptoms with slightly sore breasts--this is barely noticeable anymore. I also had this weird thing a few days before the spotting where I would get full really quickly.

I took a pregnancy test the day after the spotting--it was negative. I also took another test the day after that, and it's still negative.

Could I possibly be pregnant? The week prior, I also was just starting to make some changes to my diet to become healthy. The only significant changes is that I started eating tons of sunflower seeds and started taking Fem-Dophilus probiotic. I've also been under massive amounts of stress.

I plan to take another pregnancy test this Saturday.

Could stress cause this? Could my period still be coming, and I'm just late? Or does it sound like I'm pregnant? I know I can't do anything about it, but I don't want kids, and if I'm not pregnant, I'm worried something serious could be wrong.

Any insights would be really appreciated.

ngs1951 responded:
Have you been to a gyn yet for an exam? That would be the safest way to go. I'm just a lay person, but I'm wondering if you could have an ectopic pregnancy, which is when the egg is fertilized in the fallopian tube. If that's the case, it can be dangerous and requires immediate help before it bursts.
Go see your GYN.
Jenn_ifer replied to ngs1951's response:
I got my period 4 days later, and it's totally normal, so I think it was stress.

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