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Food that will improve vagina scent
AllyRat posted:
What foods can a woman eat that will improve the scent of her vagina? And what foods should a woman not eat that may cause a woman's vagina to have an natural ordor (without infection, itching or discharge)? What do you recommend a woman who run and bike 6 days a week to use to help eliminate vagina odor after working out / exercising? Thank you and regards.
Georgiagail responded:
There are no foods you can eat that will improve the scent of a vagina...nor worsen the scent. Remember there are sweat and oil glands in the groin area and it is natural after a work out that there might be a stronger odor there from these glands. When perspiration from the sweat glands mixes with bacteria that is normally on the skin, an odor will develop. Many women will shower after a workout to wash off this perspiration. Gail
C6red responded:
:smile: There a few foods that will make it worse. Any of the brassicas, cabbage,asparagus, broccoli, etc. make it worse, as does a lot of meat and fish. A few that make it better include honey, 2 tablespoons a day, fruit, especially apples, and on a side note, DO NOT DOUCHE! EVER! ALWAYS shower after a workout. During exercise, your body perspires, and also the skin rids itself of impurities and bacteria. These are the major culprits of body odor. Good mild soap and water , are absolutely necessary, and sexy, cotton, undies, will help a lot. Nylon doesn't let our treasure chest breathe properly! Wash your bike handle bars, and seat, and workout clothes after using, every time. Good Luck!
calston66 responded:
I agree with Gail. I work out a lot (running), especially during the summer. Showering immediately or soon after helps to keep body odor from getting out of hand. I try to wash or soak my clothes soon afterwards. That helps. I'd also like to add that a visit to your OB/GYN will rule out the existence of hormones or diseases that could exacerbate your situation. Old wives tales such as eating fish will make the vagina smell like fish are not true. Hygiene and being in tune with what's going on inside your body will always help (or at least it does for me). Hope this helps!
keylime13 responded:
Hi, I disagree with Gail about eating fish not giving you an oder when eaten. For me its all seafood that I can get a fish smell from when I eat it. I love seafood but the only thing that helps me get rid of the oder is vagisil. Perhaps drinking lots of water may help or taking a spoonful of apple vinger. Still working on the mystery and I am not alone...there are other females out there that have this same problem.
priNcessTudie responded:
Some thoughts about your issue. I definitely do not know of any foods that make you smell more. Drink lots of water. And always shower after exercising and keep the 'area' clean shaven. Hair will keep the moisture and bacteria and make it smell more. Like your arm-pits. I also wash with lemon juice. Take a shower like you normally would and then rinse with freshly squeezed lemon juice and rinse with water. That definitely helps me whenever I have a 'fishy' situation.
debisanana4 responded:
Thanks for sharing the information on foods that will improve your vagina scent. It is so good to hear that other women have this same problem. I use Vagisil cream and powder everyday and it works good.
intelligentlady responded:
Actually, there is a food that will improve the scent of the vagina. Dr. Lisa Masterson from The Doctor's Show stated that eating pineapples will improve the scent, giving it a "sweet" smell. Pineapple has many health benefits: Anti-inflamatory and contains vitamins a,b,c,d,e,& f.
gsugrad09 responded:
I'm really surprised no one mentioned yogurt. That really does work - along with water - for me.

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