Paragard taken out, had irregular periods with it and now have not had one since it was taken out
justamommy713 posted:
I had my Paragard taken out and am not actively trying to get pregnant. Before the paragard I had regular periods and while having it my periods were very irregular almost the whole 8 years of having it in. Did anyone else expirence this and if so when did your period return to normal or how long did it take for you to get pregnant. Is there anyone that has had the paragard nearly as long as I have most everyone I have seen has averaged about 3 years. Thanks ladies!!
justamommy713 responded:
No one?
wahockeymom replied to justamommy713's response:
I had a Paragard for five years and had very heavy, very long periods. I chalked it up to having had my third child. I switched to a Mirena for five years, which is its life span. My doctor recommended the Paragard, because it doesn't have hormones. So I decided having heavy periods was worth not being on hormones. I was very regular on the Paragard, basically didn't have any periods on the Mirena and now I'm now I haven't had my period after five weeks of being back on the Paragard. I didn't expect this. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow to she what she thinks. Thanks for the info.
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Just an update I started my period so no baby yet