External Vaginal itching
Lyneka posted:
I am 57 years old and am diabetic. I am experiencing outer vaginal itching and dryness. Can you give me some sort of recommendation on what I might use for this?
bpcookie responded:
Hello, for the dryness you can use a few things like A and D ointment or pure Emu oil. Only use the on the out side. For the itching, if you do not have an infection and the itching is intence and constant, there is an ointment called Amitryptaline/Baclofen, which a special prescription that has to be made by a specialty pharmacy. It numbs the vulva. If the itch isnt bad enough for a prescription, thenyou can buy an OTC cream such as Miconazole Nitrate cream that should relive the external itching. Also oat meal baths may help. Remember, scratching only makes the itch worse. I hope this helps. Take care
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