the pill and diarrhea (effectiveness compromised?)
Anon_4527 posted:
I took my pill and at some point (with in two hours--can't say for certain), I had watery stools (diarrhea). This happens sometimes. I tend to go from constipation, to being regular, to diarrhea. I have read two theories about the effectiveness of contraception in such cases. If it is within 2 hours of taking the pill, take another pill or use back-up for a week. I also heard unless it was "in the bathroom sick with the flu/diarrhea for a couple of days" not to worry.

This is the first pill of a new pack. I had intercourse the day before (still on placebo), i have taken three active pills. I won't have intercourse until saturday at the earliest (husband out of town). Any advice?

(I am the girl that posted that i think i forgot to take a pill, so took one from my emergency back-up pack...well, it was the back-up pill in which I experienced the diarrhea that day.)
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Usually, medication is absorbed within an hour or so of you taking it unless you take it with food and then it may take a bit longer.

You should be fine.