Prominent Lymph Nodes
An_252401 posted:
I was diagnosed with stage 1 grade 2 breast cancer in the fall of 2009 and did chemo and radiation therapy.

In April I had a breast MRI and breast mammogram done and both of them showed 'prominent lymph nodes in the left axilla.

My cancer was in my right breast.

My GP is not one for telling every single detail of test results. Just wondering what the prominent lymph nodes in the left axilla' mean.. do I have to worry and mean that this cancer has spread to the left breast and/or has a chance of?

Thanks for any help. Charmaine
georgiagail responded:
Prominent lymph nodes in the left axilla (i.e., in the armpit) can be due to many things, including inflammation since lymph nodes swell with this.

They do not automatically mean a return to breast cancer and cannot be used as a diagnose just for this.

charmainejensenvoisine replied to georgiagail's response:
Thank you for the reply Gail -
Now why would lymph nodes swell on the left side if my breast cancer was on the right side and I also had 3 lymph nodes removed from the right side 'lymph nodes dissection'?

Thanks, Charmaine
georgiagail replied to charmainejensenvoisine's response:
Because you no longer have these lymph nodes on the right side to swell during inflammation (they've been removed during the first surgery).

If you still had them and had even a mild infection you might experience swelling on both sides.